Hello. My name is Scott and I am the expert in synthetic urine. I created this blog to inform people about this useful product that becomes more and more popular nowadays.

About copyrights 

I am not a professional blogger and I don't know much about copyrights. If I posted your picture or any other peace of content that is under copyright, please contact me at syntheticurinefordrugtest@gmail.com and I will delete it as soon as possible. There is no need to fill DMCA claim and spend your and my time on this.

My connections

I do not sell synthetic urine and I am not connected to any website selling it. I just post ads of sellers to make some money and don't have any other relations with them. If you have some claims, please do not contact me, contact directly the site to which you want to make a complaint.

Thanks for visiting my blog.


  1. so "scott" you realize you appear to be independent so i assumed i used your picture as creative commons but i get a DCMA case from 513 ventures claiming i used a picture and was selling product without permission LIE LIE LIE , the 1 picture i posted i took down BEFORE th e DMCA on hairrazor site was made NOT COOL . if your so independent why did 513 ventures go after me and not you ? this spineless crap will be mentioned all over the net

    1. Hi Hair Razor.
      Sorry about what happened. Those 513 guys are really unstoppable, they go after everybody who uses their pictures. You are not the first. They had copyright claim on me like 3 or 4 times. Here is proof:
      And I know other people who had suffered from them also.
      This is really my fault that I used their pictures without their permission. Like you, I just found these pics on third party website without knowing they are copyrighted. And I was banned by Google for some time before. I removed those pics and filled DMCA counter notice. And after few weeks I was unbanned. You can do the same.
      Sorry if that was because of me.
      You can contact me at syntheticurinefordrugtest@gmail.com if you need any help.
      BTW, what picture did you repost?