Wednesday, February 22, 2017

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Best Synthetic Urine On The Market In 2018

Even though synthetic urine happens to be the most effective method to pass a drug test, getting the best product may cause a problem. Since there being a lot of suspicious products available on the market, customers should definitely know how to choose quality synthetic urine correctly and where to get it.

How to choose

A few years ago, one could easily fake a urine test. Now, the tests have become more complicated, and the expectations from synthetic urine are much higher. Nevertheless, this product meets the requirements of time and has new standards of quality: 
  • Fake pee should contain urea just like real human urine does. The point is that urea is tested in most laboratories, so fake products without this ingredient will fail the test. Read the description carefully to check if the selected product has it.
  • Good synthetic urine has a strip on the bottle indicating its current temperature, which is an important factor for most laboratory tests. Tests may be considered falsified, if the urine temperature is not close to the expected 95°-100°F. Many products come with a heating pad to keep urine warm enough.
  • Synthetic urine of high quality has long shelf life and can be stored without special maintenance during few years. Having a bottle of fake urine in reserve at home, you will always be ready for an unexpected drug test.
  • Sometimes synthetic urine can be counterfeited, so you need to buy it from a trusted online shop in order to ensure you receive really quality product.

What product is the best now?

Decision-making is such a tough issue in this case, so you should rely on other users' tips. They will navigate you through a great number of products available online. In terms of positive feedbacks, Quick Fix Synthetic Urine stands out. 

best synthetic urine

Whatever problem with urine test you need to solve, this premixed unisex product is a top priority in the long list of products. This fake urine has 2 years shelf life and is absolutely reliable. It contains all the necessary ingredients normally found in human pee. This product includes urea and creatinine, has natural specific gravity and pH levels, and comes in both 2oz and 3oz bottles. The manufacturer of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine has provided it with a heating pad, a temperature strip, and detailed directions how to use it. Following these important recommendations reduces to a minimum the risk of failing the test and helps you make synthetic urine work for you. The latest formula of the product has number 6.1.

What do people say about Quick Fix Synthetic Urine?

Bruno Barletta, a user of the Quora website, admits that over the previous months he had to rely on QuickFix 6.1 a few times. He volunteered for a higher paying job and was asked to pass a drug test to make sure there were no obstacles against entrusting him with additional vocational duties. He bought a 2oz bottle, carefully followed the instructions and passed 4 tests in different labs successfully. He received the job he’d been dreaming of.


Our visitor Gina LaMar said synthetic urine had accompanied her at every drug test, including those initiated by social and probation services and pre-employment screening tests. The results were excellent largely due to the fact that Quick Fix Synthetic Urine can be reheated without losing its properties. While waiting for the test, she had to reheat her fake urine a few times. Another strong point is that this product contains urea, which is now monitored by many laboratories.


Another noteworthy opinion about QuickFix 6.1 synthetic urine was given on the Grasscity forum by the user nicknamed ‘7aza’. Even though the laboratory assistant was doubtful as to the urine sample temperature being exactly 100°F, the 5-panel test at LabCorp was successful. Feeling uneasy from the start, the user gained confidence and smiled when the test was over. Synthetic urine worked!


User solrac84 read about the advantages of Quick Fix urine and decided to try it. Following the instructions carefully, he ran through the whole procedure the night before the test, using a spare bottle. To prepare the sample for the test, it was necessary to shake the bottle, reheat it in the microwave oven for 12 seconds and shake it again. To keep it warm and within comfortable reach, the user was wearing ball shorts with a pocket under his pants. The sample was collected in Quest Diagnostic. Its temperature did not arouse any suspicion, and there was some foam in the cup due to additional shaking. No weird sounds were heard by collectors thanks to the noise the bathroom fan was making. Anticipating the result to come out was the most difficult part, but when solrac84 addressed the customer service, they reported the drug test was negative. Later he recapped the whole story also on the Grasscity.


The forum has posted the comment made by its user ‘Pacific’, who passed LabCorp test with Quick Fix 6.1. Having received the synthetic urine right before the drug test, he heated it in the microwave for 10 seconds until the thermometer on the bottle showed the needed temperature and put it into a heating pad fixing it in the groin area. He had a lot of time to take the bottle and pour fake urine into the test cup. As he was not asked to lift his pant legs and shirt, the whole procedure went smooth and he didn’t even need to use the Whizzinator he prudently prepared.


Important notice

A lot of companies are now selling fake low-quality versions of Spectrum Labs products. Spectrum Labs sued and shut down these companies, but in 2016 counterfeited and expired Quick Fix urine bottles had appeared on Amazon, Ebay and a number of other websites, which had no right for official distribution of the product. On public display they posted pictures of the latest product versions, but the delivered samples were out-of-date or even completely different from the ones ordered by the customers. As a rule, it is the user who will find out the flaws of the product only when it fails to perform well at the drug test. So, it is important to remember that once you find suspicious Quick Fix urine offers on discount websites as well as on Ebay and Amazon sold at a lower price, they can be expired, counterfeited or have outdated formula. Making this mistake can cost you a lot, causing irreparable damage to your reputation.

So, where to buy?

It is critical to find a trustworthy source of synthetic urine, offering the best quality available. Many people consider to be the best suppliers, providing only top quality products. They are very considerate in their customer service and offer assistance and free consultations while you choosing the best synthetic urine option. This online store is ranked high by consumers, who are guaranteed anonymity and excellent shipping service. The bottles are packed in plain boxes, and what comes inside is always the best product you need.


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