Monday, May 8, 2017


The Best Synthetic Urine Kit In 2018

If you have decided to buy synthetic urine for any possible purpose, you will be faced with making a choice between brands, based on their reliability. If you are experienced user and even already own a device like Whizzinator or reusable synthetic urine belt, then buying a bottle of Quick Fix makes sense when it comes to solving your problem. But in case you don’t, you definitely have to consider such product as the synthetic urine kit, which comes ready for immediate use, is easy for beginners and saves time spent for preparations.

From all the available now synthetic urine kits, Peepack is definitely the best and highly recommended, and here is why.

Peepack benefits

Peepack is a medical grade device specially created for storing and dispensing urine. It can be used for both real as well as synthetic urine. The ready to go Peepack Urine Kit guarantees the required result, what is one of the many reasons of its success on the market of fetish goods. This device comes with a self-administering system that can be safely worn under your clothes without getting detected, unlike other similar products. It does not require preparations and can be used immediately after arrival.
The main advantages of this fake urine kit are:
  • Has self-administering system.
  • Gets warm faster than other synthetic urine belts or bottles.
  • Has very simple temperature control.
  • Much easier to hide as compared to other products.
  • Made from soft poly-vinyl material that is comfortable to wear all day long.
  • No bursts and leaks.
  • Has absolutely silent fluid release valve.

What synthetic urine is inside?

This kit includes Peepack Solution synthetic urine, that guarantees success every time you use it. With its unique proprietary formula you get a solution that perfectly mimics real urine and has all the components and properties that labs all over the world require. Its formula is completely identical to the human urine, with the exception of unwanted substances.

Manufacturer guarantees that this product provides necessary taste, smell, appearance, specific gravity and PH level, as well as the presence of uric acid, urea, creatinine, protein, glucose and ketone. It is also biocide protected and ready for full spectrum calibration tests.

The best place to hide the Peepack kit

This synthetic urine kit can be hidden in a variety of places on human body. You can put it in your privates, wedge it in between your butt, use the provided clip to hang it under your clothes, you can also hold it in place by wearing boxer briefs, which prove to be very effective. I recommend trying out different places until you find the most comfortable and reliable one for you.

Recommended temperature

You have to remember that fresh human urine typically comes out at around 97 °F, so your sample should be around 90-100 °F.

How to release the liquid?

All you have to do is slide the blue part of the fluid release valve located on the tube and let the synthetic urine flow. After you have finished, just slide it back. I recommend trying the way it works and practicing until you feel comfortable with it. Make sure to point the valve upwards when you start practicing in order to prevent the spill of liquid. After getting used to the mechanism you will be able to easily operate it with just one hand.

Frequently asked questions

I see a layer of transparent plastic on the thermometer strip. Is this normal or is it an issue?

It’s fine. This plastic layer is placed there for protective purposes. I recommend peeling it off to make the thermometer easier to read.

Is it a problem if the temperature strip is submerged in water while fake urine is heated?

No, it isn’t a problem. The thermometer was made just for that purpose.

Can I add some tap water to the urine?

No. Tap water contains different trace minerals than human urine usually does not have.

Is this kit intended for men or women?

The Peepack Solution synthetic urine has unisex formula. Both men and women can use it safely.

Does it expire?

Yes, synthetic urine expires. The shelf-life of the Peepack is 3 years. After the expiration date is exceeded it is not recommended for use. In case you had unboxed the fake pee kit, but did not use it or used partially, you can store it in a dark place at room temperature to keep it in good condition until the expiration date.

Can I use it past the expiration date?

No, because the nutrients inside the synthetic urine break down over time. The same process happens with real urine, but it takes much less time.

Can I use the Peepack kit again if there is some urine left inside after the first use?

Yes. As mentioned previously, you can store this kit at room temperature in a dark place after first use and synthetic urine isn’t going to degrade. Just make sure that the expiration date printed on the package hasn’t been reached.

Can I refill it?

Yes, but I do not recommend this, because there is a risk of contamination during the refill process. In case you decide to do this, it is recommended to use Peepack Solution synthetic urine and never refill the expired device.

I left my Peepack inside the car for a long time when it was very cold, and now the liquid looks cloudy. Is it still usable?

No, because the proper storage of the product is very important! Storing synthetic urine in extreme temperatures accelerates the break down of its nutrients. Using it after this would be risky.

What does “inconclusive” test result mean?

The inconclusive test result can be caused by many factors, but most commonly it means that the temperature of urine is not between the 90-100 °F.

Enjoy the Peepack Synthetic Urine Kit!

You might be purchasing this product as a gag gift or for its possible fetish uses, but in any case it will definitely bring you the satisfaction you expect. You will find it useful, comfortable and reliable, like many other people have already done before.


  1. It should be noted that mammals produce urea (a carbonyl group attached to two amines) and reptiles and birds produce uric acid (an entirely different chemical that contains a hex-pent ring and many more carbons and amines than urea). Using a product that has both urea and uric acid (WHICH AGAIN ARE TWO DIFFERENT MOLECULES) will have the results of being partially human and partially reptile urine (and will probably fail). Synthetic urine with ONLY urea and NOT URIC ACID would pass as human urine in a lab.

      "the three main nitrogenous wastes of the mammalian body are urea, uric acid, and creatinine"
      "Table I
      Urea H2NCONH2 Range 9300-23300 mg/l
      Uric Acid C5H4O3N4 Range 40-670 mg/l"

  2. All drug test places have a dye they put in the water to insure no tapering. Can you put the excess ppepack formula in that water so it looks like your actually peeing or will that change the dye into a another color and throw a red flag? That's my biggest concern with this product is the die they put in the toilet before you go in. Please give fast response job interview Monday so i need to more now. Thank you