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Reviews Of Synthetic Urine Brands

Fake pee has many uses, but for whatever reason you need it, you have to use only quality product that does not differ from real human urine and guarantees 100% success. You have to be assured that your synthetic urine still works today and will not fail at the critical moment. Still, finding the best synthetic urine can be rather difficult, because of tons of false information that may confuse you about the product to use. Our review will help you choose the best brand.

  1. Quick Fix Synthetic Urine from Spectrum Labs
  2. Pee Pack
  3. Serious Monkey Business
  4. Ultra Klean Ultra-Pure
  5. Clear Choice Sub-Solution
  6. XStream Fetish Urine
  7. Magnum Detox
  8. U Pass
  9. Dr. Greens Agent-X Fake Pee
  10. Test Clear’s Purine

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine from Spectrum Labs

Quick Fix

This pre-mixed laboratory synthetic urine is the market leader. It includes urea, creatinine and all other urine components. This product is balanced for pH and specific gravity, and can be used by both men and women. The Quick Fix synthetic urine comes in a 2 oz or 3 oz bottle depending on what you need it for. The product package includes a rubber band, a heating pad, and a temperature strip. It has a 100% success rate, thousands of positive online reviews and affordable price.

This brand is so good that its counterfeit products appeared on the market few years ago. Nowadays they are not so common, however, you should still be careful and do not purchase any product that is sold cheaper than the market price. You should buy only from trusted source.

Pee Pack

Pee Pack

This synthetic urine kit is new on the market, but it gains popularity very quickly. It has been discussed on many online forums because lots of users claim that this product is as reliable as the Quick Fix.

PeePack is a medical grade apparatus made for storing and dispensing the fake urine. What makes it exceptional is that it comes ready to use without any preparations. The plastic bag made from soft polyvinyl material is already filled with the PeePack Solution synthetic urine, which formula is totally identical to real pee and has the same look, smell and chemical composition, but does not include toxic substances. All you need is warm it up and use it for your own purpose.

Serious Monkey Business

Monkey Flask

This synthetic urine is sold in both dehydrated and liquid form.

The Monkey Flask is a bottle with liquid product that has a unique design and a flip top cap with a safety seal. It contains 3.5 oz of fake pee, and can be easily concealed and heated for up to eight hours. The pack has a temperature strip, a self-adhesive heating pad, and detailed instructions for use.

The Monkey Urine is dehydrated product that is chemically similar to the human urine. It feels and reacts like real pee if used properly. It is 100% safe, free from any toxins or infectious diseases, and can be stored for one year in a dry form.

Ultra Klean Ultra-Pure

Ultra Klean Ultra-Pure

The Ultra-Pure synthetic urine from Ultra Klean is a popular brand on the market, which receives many positive reviews. Its proprietary formula is nonbiological, safe, completely homogenous and contains all the components found in normal urine, including uric acid and creatine. This product has balanced pH level as well as normal specific gravity. Each package comes with a small bottle filled with 2 oz of synthetic urine, that is easy to conceal and carry around. Also, it includes a rubber band that helps users to bind the bottle to their body and a heat pad required to warm up the liquid. The temperature strip on the bottle will help you ensure that it has reached the required temperature.

Clear Choice Sub-Solution

Clear Choice Sub-Solution

This is powdered synthetic urine, what means that you have to mix it yourself before use. This product contains special heating powder that warms up your sample in a few seconds after mixing without a heating pad. Like other products, it has natural look and smell and even creates a foam when shaken. It also contains urea and uric acid which are the most important components in a proper artificial urine. Sub-Solution has a lot of positive reviews, but it is quite expensive. The price of $75 is its downside. There are no reasons to pay so much, when other reliable products from this list are sold for $30-$40.

XStream Fetish Urine


This product also includes all normal urine components, has proper pH balance as well as a specific gravity, that gives it natural look and chemical properties. XStream Fetish Urine is completely toxin free and is claimed to be always tested in a laboratory, before going to the stores. It does not require mixing and can be used by both genders. Each kit comes with a 3 oz urine sample, heating pad, heat induction cap, temperature strip, and rubber band.

Magnum Detox

Magnum Detox

The Mangum Detox fake urine comes with a bottle containing the urine, a flip top cap, hand warmer, a rubber band and instructions on use. It is one of the easiest products to use especially for new users. You can get 4 ounces of the urine for 4 separate drug tests. Sadly, this product doesn’t have a lot of good reviews like its counterparts mentioned above. It cannot be trusted for most urine based tests, so be careful with this one. After thoroughly researching, it was discovered that the product produces more creatine than needed when it is heated up for a long time.

U Pass

U Pass

The U Pass from Safeguard Laboratories comes in a kit of 3 oz fake pee, a plastic bottle to prevent heat loss, a rubber band, a thermometer and a complete set of instructions. It is quite popular for its affordability. But its reviews are mixed as some users reported failure after using the synthetic urine.

Dr. Greens Agent-X Fake Pee

Dr. Greens Agent-X

This synthetic pee has different versions, which include the powdered and pre-mixed version. It comes with a temperature strip, a heating element, and an empty or pre-mixed 3 oz bottle. It has lots of positive reviews and seems like a decent product for a drug test. It also has all necessary characteristics such as uric acid.

Test Clear’s Purine

Test Clear Purine

This urine kit is made in powdered form. It comes with a vial that contains the powdered urine, a temperature strip two air-activated heaters in a plastic package and a 50-ml medical transport vial. It must be mixed with water before it can be used. It has tons of positive reviews on the internet, but its method of preparation can be stressful, unlike other liquid products that are ready to use.

We are constantly monitoring the market and updating the list as new products and information become available.


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