Thursday, May 5, 2016


Whizzinator: What Is It, Does It Work and How To Use

The Whizzinator is a commercial name of the product that simulates appearance and functions of a male urinary organ. It can be used for various purposes like sexual games or pranks, because it looks, feels and acts exactly like real penis. This is why it usually comes as a kit along with synthetic urine, syringe and heater packs required to keep fake pee at body temperature.

There are also other similar products on the market, for example The Urinator and The Pissinator, but they are not so famous and widespread, because of less usable design and not so quality penis look imitation.

The Whizzinator became widely known in May 2005 when the former NFL player Onterrio Smith was seen with it at the airport. The subsequent investigation revealed that this device was widely used by many people including few celebrities, so that even the Congress of the United States held hearings on it later in 2005.

Whizzinator Touch

The latest model is called Whizzinator Touch, because unlike the previous version of the product it requires touch to operate - you have to squeeze the head of the fake penis to release the urine flow (there is a special pressure release valve inside that opens when you squeeze it). The first model was operated just by flipping the simple switch, what looked not so natural. The switch still exists, but now it is located on the base and works like safety toggle to prevent accidental spills, while the main trigger is located inside the “head”, what guarantees perfect imitation of urination. You just have to squeeze the top of the prosthetic device and let the synthetic urine flow from the attached vinyl pouch (just don’t forget to turn the safety switch off by flipping it up and out).

Whizzinator Touch is available in 5 color options that simulate different skin tones to make it look natural on any man. You can choose between black, brown, latino, tan and white colors.

The Whizzinator Touch kit includes everything required to imitate urination process as naturally as possible. Let’s take a look at what you get inside:

  • Whizzinator - the device consisting of prosthetic penis and attached vinyl pouch with temperature strip, which is supposed to strap on like a jock strap
  • The vial of dehydrated synthetic urine
  • Syringe that is used to fill the vinyl pouch with synthetic urine
  • Four heating pads intended to be attached to the pouch in order to heat the liquid to a human body temperature and keep it during few hours
  • Instruction manual

Original Whizzinator

Although the original Whizzinator is out of production now, it still can be successfully used if you have one. Its only difference from the Whizzinator Touch is the absence of pressure release valve inside the head, what makes it not so usable and natural looking. This may cause some problems in case you are supervised very closely.

Does it work?

Yes, it works perfectly. Whizzinator is very reliable device and you can rely on it in any situation. Nevertheless, it should be stated clearly that this device is not intended for any illegal purpose. It is an adult novelty product and must be used only for activities that do not break the law.

The Whizzinator looks so natural, that no one will even notice that you use it during your adult games, whatever they were. The only things you should care about are acting naturally and using only best synthetic urine that does not differ from the natural one.

Read how to buy good synthetic urine.

How to use

Using Whizzinator Touch is very easy. Here is brief instruction.

  1. Close the safety switch on the base
  2. Fill the syringe with synthetic urine
  3. Inject the synthetic urine into the vinyl pouch through the attached tube
  4. Take the heat pack and attach it to the vinyl pouch
  5. Wait about one hour to heat the fake pee to the normal human urine temperature. Leave the heat pack attached - this will keep the required temperature during at least 8 hours
  6. Strap the Whizzinator on yourself
  7. Before the supposed urination open the safety switch
  8. Press the head of the prosthetic penis when you need urine flow

For more detailed guidance please read carefully the instruction manual included.

Female Whizzinator

As of today, there is no such thing like female Whizzinator. The manufacturer claims that it is possible to create a prosthetic vagina, but there is no guarantee that it will function properly.

Nevertheless, they offer a unisex Whizz Kit, which is a great alternative to the Whizzinator for women. This refillable device that can be used by both men and women costs just half the price of Whizzinator Touch, what makes it very popular among those who cannot afford or just don’t need the realistic prosthetic penis. This is definitely the best choice for those who look for female Whizzinator.

The Whizz Kit includes adjustable Velcro strap to fit any waist or thigh and a tube that can be easily cut to any length starting from 2 inches and up to 2 feet. You have to set it once as you need to wear it comfortably and hide from other people, and as soon as you do this you just have to loosen the silent clips to let the synthetic urine flow. It works so quiet that can be used in any circumstances and nobody will hear it.

Unisex Whizz Kit includes:

  • Elastic waistband with Velcro strap that can be used for up to 54-inch waist
  • Detachable and refillable vinyl pouch with tube and synthetic urine inside
  • A syringe to refill the vinyl pouch
  • Two heating pads
  • Instruction manual

Please note that the Whizz Kit as well as the Whizzinator also not intended for any illegal use like falsifying the results of lawful drug tests and the like. You should follow your state and federal laws when using these products.


  1. I have used a Whizz Kit approximately 36 hours ago.....the sample will be sent to a lab, it will undergo all tests that one would expect. I am beside myself with anxiety....if it works I plan on singing its praises for the rest of my days, if I fail at the lab I will go In a personal mission, even creating my own webpage to sway as much of the public as possible against the makers....we will soon see.

  2. I get drug tested randonly at work and every once in a while i like to partake in some drug use. Now can i fill the pouch with synthetic or even clean urine upon recieving it and then leave it in there for rainy day or must the synthetic piss or real piss be "fresh" before each use to ensure a pass.

    1. Do NOT use clean urine. Human urine will grow bacteria and proteins which will completely make a clean test fail due to the bacteria alone flagging the tests. Quick fix can be reheated unlimited amount of times and is still good! I've had the same bottle of quick fix for over a year and reheated it numerous times and had it still pass! But do not use human urine unless it's 72 hours or less fresh!

    2. Everyone worried about using real urine bc of bacteria, did you ever consider that even if you used clean pee, by the time it made it to the lab it would be growing the EXACT SAME bacteria??? So long as the sample is fresh there will be no difference.

  3. Are there any metal parts at all in this kit? LIke in the valves and stuff?