Sunday, February 7, 2016

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Wisconsin Senator Wants To Criminalize The Synthetic Urine

Bad news for all Wisconsin users of synthetic urine came last week - this substance will be criminalized, if the newly introduced bill will be approved.

The Republican member of State Senate Robert Cowles has proposed the bill that will criminalize not only manufacturing and distribution, but also the possession and advertising of any device or substance that can interfere, circumvent or defraud the results of lawfully administered drug tests. The text specifically highlights the masking agents and substances intended to substitute bodily fluids, so those who buy synthetic urine will be punished.

Robert Cowles proposes to ban synthetic urine

Use of synthetic urine is not a crime in Wisconsin now. Under the current law, those who use it to cheat workplace drug test can only be fired at worst and do not bear any criminal responsibility. New bill implies $500 fine or 30 days in jail (or even both) for the intent to use the synthetic urine for cheating a drug test. The manufacturers and distributors of masking agents are subjected to a fine of $1,000 or 90 days in jail (or both). The bill also prohibits publication of any advertisement of synthetic urine in magazines, newspapers, handbills and websites. The violators will incur the same punishment as users - $500 fine or/and 30 days imprisonment.

Similar laws were already adopted in 14 other states and the Wisconsin lawmakers hope to adopt their own one this year. They expect to send it to Assembly floor after reviewing by Health Committee in February.

According to authors this bill is aimed at fighting the drug abuse problem, and was caused by the increased consumption of heroin and other opiates in Wisconsin as well as by the fact that synthetic urine works for drug test. Except fake urine bill, lawmakers have introduced another three bills that regulate opioid treatment program, prescription drug monitoring program and allow issuing guidelines for prescribing controlled substances.

The critics of the bill say that prohibition of synthetic urine may not only affect heroin addicts, but also will violate the rights of medical marijuana users, who can lose their jobs in case of failed drug test. Since most Wisconsinites support the use of marijuana for medical purposes (what is not allowed in their state now), the legislators should first allow and regulate its usage to eliminate the need for drug test adulteration of those who require it.


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