Friday, April 4, 2014

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Synthetic Urine: How To Choose & Best Brand

Synthetic urine is artificially synthesized substance that simulates composition, chemical properties and appearance of human urine. Generally it used for calibration of urine screening equipment in laboratories, but also known as widespread and effective means to pass urine drug test. It contains exactly the same elements as normal human urine, including organic components like uric acid, urea, creatinine and inorganic components like ammonia, phosphates, sulfates etc., and has exactly same pH and specific gravity.

  1. What for?
  2. Does it work?
  3. How to choose
  4. Best synthetic urine brand
  5. Best synthetic urine kit
  6. Where to buy?

What for?

Synthetic urine was created because real human pee is not suitable for calibration of drug testing equipment, since every person has different and specific urine composition due to the genetic predispositions. Nowadays, apart from basic application, this liquid is used for different purposes like testing diapers or even urine therapy, but mostly it is utilized for passing drug tests.

Drug tests are widely used in sport, at workplaces, schools and other institutions to detect usage of certain substances, including marijuana, cocaine, steroids or other prohibited drugs, which metabolites could be found in urine.

Over the course of time the manufacturers have perfected the artificial urine composition so much that now it doesn't differ from natural human urine and people use it for substituting their own testing samples with a view to conceal drug usage. The creatinine, uric acid and mineral levels of current synthetic urine formulas are almost the same when compared to human one so it is very difficult nowadays to reveal if someone wants to cheat on urine test for marijuana or other drugs.

Among the previous substances, manufacturers also include different coloring agents, vitamin B12, hormones testosterone and estrogen, which all help to simulate genuine human urine. For equipment calibration, laboratories are using specific composition which additionally has different concentrations of drugs, like marijuana, cocaine, heroin, ethanol or amphetamine. This allows to understand if equipment is working properly and can detect presence of drugs in required levels.

Does it work?

There is no fear for those who are using quality synthetic urine from local or online stores which has all the normal substances of natural urine included in right concentrations. The resemblance of high-grade product could trick the urine analysis, protecting the privacy of urinator who would like not to be revealed when it comes to substances for personal pleasure.

Read how to buy quality synthetic urine.

Synthetic urine does work for drug tests, because most of the laboratories in the world don't perform genetic analysis on specimens. When used, it must be kept warm and have the specific temperature of about 98°F, which is similar to the one for human urine, to convince testing staff that the given specimen is natural. Therefore, common urine analysis cannot detect whether a sample is a natural or synthetic one, enabling an individual to pass the drug test easily, without any complications.

How to choose

It is imperative to know that not all products are reliable. You should therefore make sure that you always buy quality synthetic urine from the most trusted online stores. Below, I am going to give you some useful tips to choose the best product on the market, that will satisfy your needs.

  1. Choose the latest formula. Manufacturers continuously work to improve their products and stay ahead of technologies, that labs use to detect fake samples. Use only synthetic urine that has up-to-date formula.
  2. Buy one that comes with a warmer and temperature strip. Proper temperature of the sample is crucial factor, therefore choose synthetic urine that comes with the tools that help to maintain it.
  3. Consider the shelf life. With time, synthetic urine expires and its chemical structure may change, so the sample may be detected. Ensure to check the dates so that you don’t purchase the expired product.
  4. Check the brand. In making the best selection, you have to conduct a research on different brands of synthetic urine. Ask your friends or read user’s reviews on websites.

Best synthetic urine brand

Over the last 25 years since its inception, Quick Fix Synthetic Urine has maintained its status as the best fake pee available. With the latest formula that perfectly mimics real urine, it is free of toxins and can be used by both males and females. Here is why it is considered the best synthetic urine now.

  1. It is up to date and undetectable. This product keeps pace with the new technologies. It doesn’t matter whether advanced means will be used in the urine screening. No one can tell the difference between the real pee and Quick Fix Synthetic Urine. It has both physical and chemical properties indistinguishable from the human urine. The manufacturer puts it under all the tests performed in actual urine drug test. Guess what! It is undetectable.
  2. Easy to store. There is no need to freeze it or put into the fridge. You can store it anywhere. Moreover, you can reheat it as much as you want. So, if something went wrong and you did not use it after heating, you can put it back to the storage place and use next time.
  3. Easy to use. It comes with a bottle of urine (2 or 3 oz.), a heat pack, a temperature strip (900 to 1000 ) and a rubber band. When you are required to take the urine test, just warm the bottle in a microwave about 10 seconds and fix the heat pack on it with the help of rubber band to maintain the temperature.
Be confident by purchasing a synthetic urine that really works. There is no better product for your needs than Quick Fix Synthetic Urine.

Best synthetic urine kit

Having just synthetic urine may not be enough. If you are supervised during the procedure, you need a device for holding the liquid on your body and delivering it to the sample cup. Even if you have some reusable device like synthetic urine belt, it may be troublesome to prepare it for work every time. And for such cases, there is a quick and convenient solution. Get yourself a Peepack, the best synthetic urine kit now, which includes not only fake pee, but medical grade device for delivering it also. Its advantages are as follows:

  1. It is ready to use. Peepack is an entirely packed kit, that is ready for immediate use. The only thing you need to do is just heat it to the required temperature.
  2. It is comfortable. It is made of soft polyvinyl material that naturally replicates contours of your body, making it invisible and comfortable for daily wear.
  3. It is durable. It is made with advanced materials that enhance its durability and sterility. The urine bag cannot contaminate the sample neither can it break.
  4. It has completely silent switch. This fluid release valve is connected to a tube attached to the urine holder. You can quickly and absolutely silently dispense the liquid to the sample cup, as if you are peeing.
  5. It includes quality synthetic urine. The Peepack Solution is patented synthetic urine with unique formula that perfectly mimics not only chemical composition and appearance, but even smell and taste of real human urine.

Where to buy?

The best way to purchase synthetic urine is to use online stores, because it is fast and confidential, and guarantees reasonable price with the top quality that assures your privacy when it comes to drug testing analysis.


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