Tuesday, September 9, 2014

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Can You Get Fired For Using Synthetic Urine?

As what the name implies, synthetic urine is artificially synthesized urine, which is available for purchase over the counter and in online stores. Gaining a worldwide popularity, synthetic urine is employed by drug users with a view to pass urine drug test. But the impending question they may ask: Can I get fired if I use synthetic urine during the drug test?

It should be mentioned that not only the utilization, but even possession of synthetic urine is considered a felony and punishable by the criminal justice system in many states. If you get caught by officials using a fake urine or if your employer found out about this, you may get fired and lose not only your job, but your freedom also!


Best Way To Pass Drug Test

Urinalysis is widely used for pre-employment and workplace drug testing and its conduction depends upon the nature of work, or the type of job. It also used to test parolees, welfare recipients and for other purposes. Experienced drug users always devise a plan on how to not get caught, and the best plan here is to use clean urine sample from friends or to buy a bottle of synthetic urine.

Synthetic urine is available in a lot of online stores, so anyone can get access to it and use at will. Nonetheless, many companies selling the product caution consumers that it is only a novelty item, and it is not designed to tamper with a drug test, only for pranks and fun. Why they do so?

Punishable By Law

As usage of synthetic urine for cheating drug test grows, certain laws have been passed on by legislative bodies of states regarding its sale and usage. One case in point is the Indiana law which states that possession, production and sale of any substance, which may interfere with drug screening, is considered a crime. Such ruling was promulgated in 2005 when police officials have discovered that more and more inmates and parolees were using fake urine to pass federally mandated drug tests. In Illinois, on the other hand, cheating in drug tests is considered a case of felony under House Bill. According to the legislation, any person who gets caught to use another person’s urine or synthetic urine with the intent to cheat on drug test can be fined of minimum $1,000 and even sent to prison. Merchants who likewise sold the product online and shipped to any Illinois customer could likewise be charged under the aforementioned legislation.

Employers Stance

So, the question is, can an employer dismiss a worker after being caught using a synthetic urine to adulterate drug test sample?

All medical examinations at workplace are regulated by Americans with Disabilities Act, but drug tests are not considered “medical”, so employers have right to optionally screen for drugs any employee, not to mention safety-sensitive job positions such as mechanics, drivers and pilots, who are tested mandatory. According to workplace rights lawyers, an employer has the right to fire the at-will employee not only for using, but even for possession of synthetic urine. At-will employment is used in all states except Montana and means that employer can fire employee for any reason, in case he does not have contract which requires specific reasons for firing.


To end, there is no better way to pass a urine drug test except to refrain from using illicit drugs. But if you still decided to use fake pee, be careful! Laboratories at present are equipped with high-tech devices, which can detect low-quality products. Use only best artificial urine and follow the guidelines accurately. Otherwise, you can get fired or even end up in jail.


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