Wednesday, November 12, 2014

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Synthetic Urine Usage Increased

The use of synthetic urine in the workplace appears to be on the rise if reports from several states are anything to go by. Going by trendy names such as ‘Quick Fix’, this synthetic urine is easy to come by and is available in pharmacies countrywide over the counter. While numerous inconceivable ways of passing drug test have been discovered ever since the advent of drug testing, there now seems to be a surge in the number of reported cases. Case in point is the state of Hawaii that has seen a two fold increase in reported cases over the last one year leaving employers at a loss on how to deal with the situation.

This increase may be due to development of new formulas of this urine that are popping up in the market that are able to circumvent laboratory tests designed to detect even the best synthetic urine. Since most of these tests are relatively outdated with some dating back to 2010, they are at times unable to detect newest formulas. Such is the confidence manufacturers have in their products that they have gone as far as to advertise that they are virtually undetectable. Armed with a home drug testing kit, employees are able to test the reliability of the product purchased. Countless drugs from so called gateway drug marijuana, to hard drugs including opiates, cocaine and methamphetamine are given the all clear proving that synthetic urine works and giving employers sleepless nights as they ponder on the efficiency of those who work under them.

synthetic urine use

While some states require that persons under parole have a probation officer present when providing a urine sample for visual inspection, this law however, does not extend to the workplace and so employees can employ such tactics to evade a positive test. Observers are of the view that legal action needs to be taken to stem this vice with certain measures been proposed including banning of sale of these synthetic urine kits. That been said however, laws are in place in several states prohibiting their sale such as in Arkansas, Illinois and Maryland meaning possession and use of the synthetic urine is outlawed. While this may well help in resolving the situation, people will come up with cleverer ways of subverting the system and the debate continues about whether or not to ban these products. What with corrupt officials allowing employees to pass tests? Or more intrusive methods like self catheterization? It seems authorities will have a lot to do with people thinking of newer ways to pass tests. Knowing the methods in use to beat the system will undoubtedly come in handy if something is to be done to do away with cheating in drug tests.

All in all, with the demand for this ‘fake urine’ rising and the trend seemingly catching on in workplaces all over, it seems the argument to take these products offs the shelves becoming more popular. However, with others of a different opinion, and with the debate among lawmakers raging on, it looks like employees are set to enjoy the pleasures of synthetic urine for a while longer.

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  1. The author of this article has GOT to be joking when he repeatedly implies that random employee drug testing is anything but morally reprehensible! My god, man. This is supposed to be a free country, where we don't submit to random, invasive, privacy violating tests & monitoring by anyone. It's the thoughtlessness, cowardice, & lack of character of people like Scott here, which has led to this filthy, reprehensible, disgusting, unforgivable situation w/NSA spying. What a pathetic, spineless, little B****!! "He who trades liberty for safety deserves neither"- Amen, Ben!!!!