Friday, June 12, 2015

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Texas Is Going To Ban Synthetic Urine

Drug addiction is a serious social problem that needs immediate attention. It can lead to health problems, accidents and crimes. Despite having laws against the use of drugs such as marijuana, cocaine etc., cases of drug addiction still continue to shoot up. Accessibility to the drugs as well as the use of methods to pass a drug test like synthetic urine are some of the factors that contribute to the increase in rate. Texas journalists conducted an investigation regarding the sale of synthetic urine.

Synthetic urine is a popular substance used to pass urine drug test and in Texas it was found to be legally sold and bought. One of the store clerks claimed that synthetic urine works, since he was able to benefit from the product, having negative drug test results every time he used it. Although some consumers like him have claimed that synthetic urine always give negative drug test results, some may not be as satisfied as they are. For instance, a woman who confessed of using drugs for a long time already was convicted of several crimes in February 2015 after failing the drug screening test using synthetic urine. She used low quality product, which was detected by adulteration check. Investigators tried to reach by phone the manufacturer of that product, but the spokesman only gave them an excuse and immediately hung up without explanation.

Texas TV channel investigated sale and use of synthetic urine

Every package usually includes a small bottle (usually 2-4 oz) with the yellow liquid and attached thermometer strip, as well as  a rubber band and a heat pack to keep synthetic urine warm. The product was brought to one of the San Antonio laboratories for examination where it successfully passed the standard test. However, the result was not conclusive since the owner of the lab said they have special test to check whether the urine is fake or not in case of suspicion. To prove this, he administered an adulterant test to the sample and the synthetic urine failed. But this adulterant test is usually carried out only in case of the lab recommendation to the employer when they have any suspicions with the sample given. Laboratories constantly innovate and develop drug testing technology to further enhance its sensitivity, however synthetic urine manufacturers are also improving their formulas to deceive labs and benefit customers.

Because of the growing controversy regarding the legality of synthetic urine, Texas State Representative Trey Martinez Fischer amended the House Bill 1212, including fake urine in the list of illegal synthetic substances. Martinez stated that it has to be illegal to distribute and manufacture synthetic urine with the intention of passing drug screening tests. Drug Court Magistrate Ernie Glenn supports the ban, however doubts it will have significant effect saying that drugs like marijuana, heroin, meth and others are already illegal, but people still using them despite prohibition.


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