Wednesday, June 8, 2016


9 Uses Of Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine is an artificially manufactured mixture of water with other organic and inorganic components (uric acid, creatinine, urea, phosphates, chlorides, sulfates, etc) intended mostly for laboratory applications, although its area of usage is much wider. While accurately simulating all the chemical properties and physical characteristics of human urine, it has some substantial advantages like the absence of any kind of waste, so can be utilized in the areas where real urine can’t be used because of hygiene and infectious diseases threat. In addition to this, synthetic urine has very long shelf life what makes it easy to transport and store. All of the above made it very popular for use in the following areas:

1. Urine testing equipment calibration

The main purpose of the synthetic urine is to help calibrate different urine testing equipment. Human urine does not fit for this because its composition varies greatly due to many different factors thus artificial substance with constant formula is indispensable for any laboratory that conducts urinalysis.

2. Science

Fake pee is also widely used for various scientific purposes starting from development of new urine tests for different diseases to preparing for Mars mission.

synthetic urine in science

3. Education

Moreover, medical students are trained to conduct urinalysis tests and clinical experiments on synthetic urine.

4. Alternative medicine and cosmetology

Although it is not recommended for internal use, but for those who are disgusted to use real piss for urine therapy in alternative medicine or for different cosmetic purposes, synthetic urine is an acceptable substitute, since it has identical chemical composition.

5. Passing a drug test

It's not a secret that synthetic urine works for drug test, so this is one of the most popular areas of application of this product. The original urine sample can be substituted with the synthetic pee that does not contain any evidences of drug use thus providing a 100% guarantee of a negative result. It’s almost impossible to detect fraud, no matter how trained the lab staff is, because the latest formulas of such commonly used products like Quick Fix perfectly imitate real human urine and do not differ from it in the appearance and composition. Despite the fact that drug testing laboratories allocate large sums of money to fight this, their efforts are not successful, because according to the statistics, use of fake pee for passing a drug test increases every year.

6. Diapers testing

This product also finds application in the industry, for example manufacturers of diapers use it for testing their products.

7. Cleaning agents testing

Synthetic urine is very popular among marketers and salesmen to demonstrate the effectiveness of cleaning agents for carpets and furniture, like urine stain and odor removers.

synthetic urine for carpets

8. Pranks

It is also perfect for those who love to play different pranks like wetting friend’s bed or clothes because using fake urine makes the joke far less offensive and causes less problems.

9. Adult games

Because of the health and hygiene reasons, synthetic urine is widely used for various sexual games as a safe way to enjoy.


Apart from the synthetic human urine, there is also another product used in different ways – synthetic animal urine.

The most commonly used is the fake pee of different predators (like coyotes, foxes, bobcats, wolves, etc.), that is used as a repellent for the animals that can damage gardens and houses, such as rats, rabbits, squirrels or deer. Also, such products are very popular among hunters, wildlife researchers and photographers, since they can not only deter but also attract some kinds of animals as well as mask human scent. For example, the smell of the doe’s urine attracts deer, while human scent can be masked by the urine of red fox or coon.

synthetic urine of fox


  1. Can someone please tell me at Dr. greens premixed fake P with uric acid will work at a lab for a full panel drug screen?? Help! This is for a government job, and all I do is smoke .. help!

    1. What happened?? I just did it today and it was sent to a lab!! Idk. I'm freaked out.