Saturday, July 9, 2016

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Why Synthetic Urine Is Still Undetectable?

As we know, synthetic urine works with drug test and every year becomes more and more popular nationwide way to pass it.

The product is very easy to get and very hard to detect. Anyone can buy synthetic urine online and order delivery right to their door, but every day drug screening laboratories and testing facilities are fighting with its use.

According to the clinic manager of Workforce Occupational Health (WOH), Dustin Rhody, the main problem in this fight is that they are actually fighting with the so-called street chemists, who invent such things as synthetic urine and even alter some kinds of drugs to make them undetectable and to be one step ahead of drug testing labs. He also adds that the molecular structure of best synthetic urine on the market is absolutely identical to the real human pee and thus it is very difficult to detect and sometimes even impossible. Rhody compared this situation to the chess game where one player is trying to “beat the system” while the another one tries to catch the cheater.

detection of synthetic urine

Drug users also always try to find ways to cheat the system, claims Medical Review Officer at the WOH, Dr. Cameron Murphy. He also admits that there is a serious loophole in the testing process, because in most cases the collectors are not able to visually control people when they deliver their urine samples. They can only listen, trying to detect the unusual behavior.

As for the lab staff, the only thing they can do is to check if the sample has the proper temperature, says Angela Langrehr, the WOH specialist. If there is at least one bar above or below the standard, the sample is considered suspicious and sent for further, more detailed testing.

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Selling and using synthetic urine is legal in most states, but if it’s get detected during a drug screening, the test will automatically be failed. This usually causes problems with the employer and in most cases a person does not get a new job or loses the current one, but the strictness of drug policy totally depends on the employer. Pre-employment drug screening is very easy to prepare for, but random tests are much more difficult: a person has only 20-30 minutes to get to the special testing facility and therefore it will be almost impossible to prepare someone else’s pee or synthetic urine sample.

However, as Dr. Murphy admits, this fight will go on, because the harder lab chemists try to find ways to detect fake urine, the harder “street chemists” try to change their products to make them more and more realistic.

Nowadays, there are only seven states in the US that have laws or statutes specifically concerning the synthetic urine. But according to lawyers, even in states that do not have such legislation, if it is used for passing drug test during a probation or parole, this will mean the violation and therefore revocation.


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