Thursday, January 19, 2017

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Synthetic Urine Is Under Attack In 2017

Starting from 1 January 2017, synthetic urine is prohibited by law in New Hampshire. The State Senate had voted for the bill 361 about synthetic urine ban almost one year ago, but only now it enters into the force. The sponsor of the bill, Republican Senator Jeanie Forrester, says that it will help in detection of illegal substances, because synthetic urine is very effective in masking them, what lets many drug abusers pass urine drug tests and hide their addiction.

According to the new law, not only those who sell, but even those who use fake urine in order to falsify the result of drug test, will be fined $500.

NH bans synthetic urine

Another state that may prohibit fake pee is Colorado. The Republican State Senator Jon Becker want to sponsor new bill that will ban the sale and possession of this substance.

Marijuana is legal for recreation use in Colorado since 2014. This caused significant growing of marijuana sales and even cannabis tourism in this state. But marijuana use is still prohibited on workplace and in some other cases like probation, parole etc. So, growing of cannabis sales led to increase of the number of people who want to hide its use and, as a result, the demand for synthetic urine. Since this liquid is still legal in Colorado, it quickly appeared in marijuana dispensaries, smoke shops, tobacco shops etc. Drug test is very easy to cheat with fake pee and this became real problem for employers and probation officers. This is why Senator Becker is trying to outlaw it.

The opponents of the bill say that it violates personal privacy, since urine tests are not accurate, when it comes to marijuana detection. The problem is that unlike blood test, that detects only active THC metabolites, which show actual intoxication, the urine test detects also inactive marijuana metabolites, which can stay in the system for few weeks. This means that urine tests cannot be used for detection of workplace drug use and workers have right to protect themselves against such inaccurate checks with the help of synthetic urine. Not to mention the fact that it has other uses except substitution of drug testing samples.

If the bill will be approved, Colorado will be the first state that legalized marijuana use and banned synthetic urine.


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