Sunday, June 24, 2018

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Does Synthetic Urine Expire?

It is not always possible to use your synthetic urine right after purchase. You may decide not to use it at the last moment, or your test may be suddenly cancelled, or you just want to buy it now for future use with intention to be prepared for a sudden test. Whatever your reason is, you might have a lot of questions about the storage of this product. Here are the most frequently asked questions and the answers:

  1. Does synthetic urine go bad?
  2. How long does it last?
  3. Can I use the expired synthetic urine?
  4. How long can an opened bottle be stored?
  5. How to store synthetic urine properly?
  6. What product is best stored?

Does synthetic urine go bad?

Yes, it does. Like every product, fake pee has its shelf life and expires after the end of it.

How long does it last?

The answer depends on many factors.

First, different products have different shelf life. Usually, it is 2 or 3 years.

Second, the storage conditions significantly impact the expiration date. For example, if the bottle with synthetic urine is stored under the direct sunlight, its pH balance may be disrupted, thereby causing the product to expire much earlier than it would have. Fake urine may also get affected by too cold or too hot temperatures.

Can I use the expired synthetic urine?

To guarantee the best results, you should always use only fresh products. Using the expired synthetic urine is not recommended. Doing so may raise the suspicion of tampering the test.

How long can an opened bottle be stored?

Storing the open bottle is not recommended also. When exposed to oxygen during long time synthetic urine deteriorates and changes its physical and chemical properties. Avoid opening the container without intention of use. If this happened, make sure to seal the bottle properly to prevent early expiration. Properly closed bottle can be stored until the specified expiration date.

How to store synthetic urine properly?

Although good quality products do not require special storage conditions, still it is recommended to keep your synthetic urine in the dark place at room temperature for prolonged shelf life. Do not expose it to the direct sunlight. If the bottle has been opened and heated, let it cool down on its own without a fridge or freezer. If the liquid has been transferred into another container, pour it back into the bottle. Сlose the bottle tightly and put it back in storage.

What product is best stored?

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is the most popular and reliable product on the market now. Its shelf life is 2 years and one of its most exciting features is that it does not require any special storage conditions. You don’t need to cool it, just keep it out of the direct sunlight and it won’t expire for a long time. Another benefit is that it allows multiple reheating, so if something goes wrong and you cannot use it after warming up in the microwave, you can put it back in your storage and use later. For these reasons, this product is the best option at the moment. If you have no choice but to use synthetic urine, then it’s definitely Quick Fix.


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