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Synthetic Urine FAQ: Best Brand, Where To Buy, How To Use etc.

The growing popularity of synthetic urine raises numerous questions about this product among those who want to use it. This article is intended to answer the most frequently asked ones.

synthetic urine

What is synthetic urine?

Synthetic urine is the artificial liquid that imitates chemical and physical characteristics of human urine and mostly used for calibration of the laboratory equipment for various urine tests. It was accidentally invented by Friedrich Wöhler, a German chemist of the 19th century, who was trying to produce ammonium cyanate in a lab.

What is it made of?

The chemical composition of human urine varies and depends on different factors, like the health of a person, his or her physical condition, diet etc. That is why the synthetic urine does not have the standard formula and all manufacturers have their own original and patented substance compositions. In most cases 95% of the mixture is water. The remaining 5% are creatinine and urea, as the main organic components, and various inorganic substances like sulphates, chlorides, ammonia, phosphates etc. The pH index of the liquid must be from 5 to 10 and the specific gravity between 1.003 and 1.035.

What forms of synthetic urine are available on sale? 

The most common commercial products on the market are made either in liquid or in powdered form. Most of the liquid synthetic urine products nowadays are ready to use without any additional actions. The powdered ones are intended to be mixed with water before use and may contain heat activator, a special substance that produces heat in contact with water thus helping to achieve the required temperature of the liquid.  In rare cases you can find concentrated synthetic urine in form of paste or gel that must be diluted with water also.

What is it used for? 

The main function of synthetic urine is calibration of urine testing equipment, however, as you know, it is also widely used to falsify the results of urine drug tests.

Moreover, there are many other applications of this product:

  1. Scientific and educational use - fake pee is used by medical students for training and scientists for new urine testing methods development;
  2. Cosmetology and alternative medicine - for example, for the urine therapy (yet, it is not recommended for internal use);
  3. Industry – for nappies testing;
  4. Marketing - for the demonstration of the pet urine stain cleaners effects;
  5. Adult games and pranks - since this is more hygienic material than real urine.

Does it work for drug test?

Yes, it does. The best way to pass a drug test is to replace your sample with synthetic urine. Millions of people do this every year in order to protect their privacy. If you will follow all guidelines and not act suspicious, you will pass the test for sure.

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Is synthetic urine detectable?

No. Usually labs don’t conduct adulteration tests on samples they receive. They do this only if they suspect something, for example in case the temperature of the specimen is higher or below normal. So, if you have followed all instructions properly, lab staff will not test your urine to check if it’s real. But even if they will, most of the products which are now available on the market have very realistic chemical composition and appearance, so cannot be detected by usual adulteration tests.

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How much you need?

According to the United States Department of Health & Human Services, it is enough to provide 2 oz of urine for drug test and laboratories must accept this sample volume in case donor cannot give more. So, usually 2 oz bottle of synthetic urine is enough. But in some cases you may need bigger bottle to protect yourself either from accidental spills or from attracting unnecessary attention to yourself when disputing with sample collector who asks for more urine. So 3 oz bottles are also available.

What is the required temperature of the sample?

The normal human urine temperature ranges between 94°F and 96°F (approximately 35°C). The drug testing sample temperature is measured during the first four minutes after it is obtained, since it changes very quickly depending on the environment temperature. According to the drug test regulations, urine sample must have temperature between 90°F and 100°F (it is 32°C - 38°C). Any specimen outside this range will be considered suspicious.

How to heat synthetic urine and keep it warm?

The synthetic urine can be heated either by using microwave, in case you want to do this quickly, or by hand warmers and even your own body warmth if you have few hours before the drug test. Every bottle of the synthetic urine has a temperature strip, which shows the current temperature of liquid inside.

If you have heated your sample at home several hours before going to testing facility, you have to keep it warm during all this time. For this purpose all quality synthetic urine products are supplied with heat packs, that can keep stable temperature during 7-8 hours.

Another way is to use your own body warmth. You can use elastic band to attach the container with synthetic urine to some warm part of your body or simply put it under your clothes. Armpits, inner thighs and underwear are best places; ladies can use their bras. The main advantage of this method is that you are ready for testing anytime, however wearing the bottle or other vessel with liquid all day long under the clothing can be uncomfortable.

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How to use it to pass drug test?

In order to pass a drug test with synthetic urine you need to secretly pour it in the collection cup instead of your pee. If you will follow all instructions and won’t raise any suspicions, lab staff will not check your urine for adulteration. You should just follow few simple steps.

First, make sure that your fake urine has required temperature, since this is the first thing that sample collectors check. As has already been said, the acceptable temperature from 90°F to 100°F can be achieved by using heating pad, microwave or own body warmth.

The next step is to pour your synthetic urine into the drug test cup. Although it sounds quite easy, but most of testing facilities nowadays have supervisors who watch you during the procedure, so you have to prepare. The simplest option is to buy a synthetic urine belt. It is intended to hide under the clothing and has attached plastic bag and a tube with switch that releases the liquid. If you are supervised too closely, you can use Whizzinator, the appliance similar to the aforementioned belt, but supplied with the prosthetic device which looks like a male organ and has pressure release valve inside. It is not cheap, but guarantees success in difficult situations.

After you have filled the collection cup with fake pee, immediately give it to the collector until the temperature has dropped below the required level.

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Can you get fired for using synthetic urine?

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, which regulates all medical tests in the United States, drug testing is not considered medical examination, therefore employers are allowed to conduct it on their employees. Moreover, those who work on safety-sensitive jobs (for example pilots, drivers and mechanics) must be tested obligatorily and regularly. Employment rights lawyers claim that employers have right to fire any at-will employee not only for failed drug test, but for usage or just possession of fake urine also. All states excluding Montana use at-will employment, which means that employee can be fired by his employer for any reason, in case his contract does not require specific reasons for dismissal.

Is it legal?

Today only a few US states have statuses or laws regarding the synthetic urine. However, lawyers say that even in states without such regulations, if synthetic urine is used for passing a drug test during a parole or probation, it is a violation of terms, which leads to revocation. If your state laws do not forbid synthetic urine, you can use it for any tests initiated by the private company, including pre-employment, workplace tests etc. You can be fired in case get caught, however there won’t be any criminal responsibility for that.

In which states synthetic urine is prohibited?

The sale of synthetic urine was banned in 11 states. They are: Illinois, Arkansas, Nebraska, Maryland, New Jersey, Oklahoma, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Texas. New Hampshire, Ohio, Wisconsin are going to prohibit it in near future.

What brand is the best?

There are a lot of quality synthetic urine brands available on the market. They are UPass, Synthetix5, Ultra Pure, Magnum, TestClear, Sub-Solution, Monkey Dong, Golden Shower etc. The most popular and definitely the best synthetic urine now is Quick Fix. It has a lot of positive customer reviews, so we can definitely recommend it for use in your drug test.

Where to buy synthetic urine?

Fake urine can be found in local stores, but it is much better to buy it online. This way is convenient, confidential and gives you the ability to choose the best price for a top quality product, that will protect your privacy with 100% satisfaction guarantee. I recommend, since they have the best products on the market and great customer service.

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How to store it?

Synthetic urine can be stored for years. The shelf life for majority of commercial products is 2-3 years and they don’t need cooling, freezing or any other special storage conditions. Moreover you can reheat fake pee an unlimited number of times, what means that if you didn’t use it after heating for any reason, you can return it to the storage and successfully use later whenever you want, but only before it expires.


  1. How long do you have to use syn urine once its seal is broken? Best way to store once opened? 2 tests within 1 week!! Ugh!! Ty

    1. How much urine you have in the bottle? Usually 2 or 3 oz bottles are enough only for one test. How are you going to use it for 2 tests?