Wednesday, April 9, 2014

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How And Where To Buy Synthetic Urine

Almost every good employer these days requires a successful drug test, whereas a growing segment of the population uses recreational drugs at a higher rate than before. A lot of different methods have been developed during years to cheat urine tests, some of them were successful, while others are not, and finally consumers have a proven alternative. Synthetic urine is one of the most foolproof ways to pass a drug screening, but the abundance of products out on the market creates additional problems. With so many different choices, consumers need to be informed correctly of what a proper synthetic urine should contain and where to buy it.

How to choose

Urine tests now are much more advanced and harder to fake than few years ago, but artificial urine becomes more complicated also and solves all problems. Let's see what quality product must contain:

  • Real urine contains uric acid and most labs test for it these days. Any fake urine you purchase should include uric acid or you will fail the test. Scrutinize the description and labeling to make certain you have the best product possible.
  • Temperature is another factor to consider. Urine is normally about 95◦-100◦F or 36◦-37◦C and if the test sample is not close to this temperature, most labs will consider it a failure. That’s why good products have special strip that shows current temperature and heating pad that keeps urine warm.
  • Your next drug test may be unexpected, so it’s good to have a bottle at home, just in case. Buy synthetic urine that has long shelf life - good products can be stored for years without freezing.
  • Counterfeit synthetic urine might sound silly but it is out there. Buy from a trusted source whenever you shop online.

What and where

Searching the web will surely bring up hundreds of options, but take a user's advice. You can buy at securely and safely. The best product I ever used is Ultra Pure Pre-Mixed Synthetic Urine. This is a great product that will take care of any issue you may have. This premixed laboratory urine is unisex, long lasting and safe, the bottle contains 2oz or 4oz of synthetic urine with all the normal ingredients found in real urine (including uric acid) and balanced pH, creatinine as well as specific gravity levels. Most importantly, this product comes with a heating pad and temperature strip to warm and test the urine. Following the simple instructions included with the product is so easy. Be sure to follow these steps as they are extremely important to making the product work as directed.

Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine

The people at strive to provide the best products available on the market. All goods sold are carefully chosen as the top quality products available. The customer is always right, toll free phone support will help to select best option and a synthetic urine buyer will never go wrong with this online store. Shop with confidence knowing you will get exactly what you paid for. Safety and anonymity are also important, therefore purchases are shipped discreetly and securely in plain boxes.
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Friday, April 4, 2014

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What is synthetic urine?

Synthetic urine is artificially synthesized substance that simulates composition, chemical properties and appearance of human urine. Generally it used for calibration of urine screening equipment in laboratories, but also known as widespread and effective means to pass urine drug test. It contains exactly the same elements as normal human urine, including organic components like uric acid, urea, creatinine and inorganic components like ammonia, phosphates, sulfates etc., and has exactly same pH and specific gravity.

What for?

Synthetic urine was created because real human pee is not suitable for calibration of drug testing equipment, since every person has different and specific urine composition due to the genetic predispositions. Nowadays, apart from basic application, this liquid is used for different purposes like testing diapers or even urine therapy, but mostly it is utilized for passing drug tests.

Drug tests are widely used in sport, at workplaces, schools and other institutions to detect usage of certain substances, including marijuana, cocaine, steroids or other prohibited drugs, which metabolites could be found in urine.

Over the course of time the manufacturers have perfected the artificial urine composition so much that now it doesn't differ from natural human urine and people use it for substituting their own testing samples with a view to conceal drug usage. The creatinine, uric acid and mineral levels of current synthetic urine formulas are almost the same when compared to human one so it is very difficult nowadays to reveal if someone wants to cheat on urine test for marijuana or other drugs.

bottle of synthetic urine

Among the previous substances, manufacturers also include different coloring agents, vitamin B12, hormones testosterone and estrogen, which all help to simulate genuine human urine. For equipment calibration, laboratories are using specific composition which additionally has different concentrations of drugs, like marijuana, cocaine, heroin, ethanol or amphetamine. This allows to understand if equipment is working properly and can detect presence of drugs in required levels.

Does it work?

There is no fear for those who are using quality synthetic urine from local or online stores which has all the normal substances of natural urine included in right concentrations. The resemblance of high-grade product could trick the urine analysis, protecting the privacy of urinator who would like not to be revealed when it comes to substances for personal pleasure.

Read how to select quality synthetic urine.

Synthetic urine works for drug tests, because most of the laboratories in the world don't perform genetic analysis on specimens. When used, it must have the specific temperature of about 98°F, which is similar to the one for human urine, to convince testing staff that the given specimen is natural. Therefore, common urine analysis cannot detect whether a sample is a natural or synthetic one, enabling an individual to pass the drug test easily, without any complications.

Where to buy?

It is legal to buy this product almost anywhere in the world, except some U.S. states (for April 2014 it’s NC, NJ, SC, AR, KY, IL, OK). The best way to purchase synthetic urine is to use online stores, because it is fast and confidential, and guarantees reasonable price with the top quality that assures your privacy when it comes to drug testing analysis.
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Thursday, January 9, 2014

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Does Synthetic Urine Work With Drug Tests?

Yes, it does. If you do it right.

What you have to know?

  1. It must contain uric acid. Now, in 2014, most labs test for it, so synthetic urine without uric acid will most likely fail. That’s the reason why famous Quick Fix brand is not recommended now. Last year number of its users reported about failed drug tests and that caused product recalls. 
  2. Sample must have body temperature. It’s about 95-100°F or 36-37°C. That’s why proper products include temperature strip and heating pad. Check for them before buy! You need to microwave sample and keep it within required temperature range until use. 
  3. You have to know if you are supervised during the procedure. It’s problem to substitute your specimen with a fake one when you are observed, so people use special tools like bladder belt, rubber tube or even Whizzinator to overcome this. 
  4. Make sure you buy real synthetic urine from a trusted supplier, not a counterfeit one.

What and where to buy?

I recommend to buy Ultra Pure Pre-Mixed Synthetic Urine from This is the most reliable product that never fails. You can call toll free number on the site to ask additional questions to support staff.

synthetic urine works

Why you need?

The more people struggle with drugs, the more options there are to pass the drug tests. There are people who are not regular users of drugs no matter whether they are marijuana, cocaine, heroin, etc. But sometimes you can be surprised with a drug test and even if you used a drug for the first time in your life, no one will take that into consideration. So you have to find a way out of this situation so that your drug test shows a negative result. Synthetic urine is a very recommended option which works out every time as long as all the requirements are followed strictly.

There are thousands of reviews that support the synthetic urine as one of the most successful solutions when you have to take a drug test and you know that it will be positive. Synthetic urine is available online and you can buy it without any complications or risks that you will be disclosed. The price is affordable compared to what you put at stake if you don’t pass the test. For example an amount of 30$-40$ is negligible when you can risk losing your job or not being employed. There are two types of synthetic urine that you can buy – liquid and powdered. In both cases the result is pretty much the same but you have to keep the bottle with the content warm because human urine is.


Information has been circulating lately that low-quality synthetic urine can already be recognized by labs because they test it. Although it doesn’t happen everywhere, there is a risk that the lab where you go, they are already introduced to this technique and your sample with synthetic urine will be annulled.

The option in this case is to use a sample of someone else who is the same sex as yours and for sure doesn’t do any drugs. But unfortunately some of the pills that people take (although not for drug purpose) may show positive results and this might be a reason for you to fail the test.

At the same time people who have come face to face with the problem of taking a drug test claim that this is not the end of synthetic urine as a substitute for human. If we accept that no drugs is the perfect case scenario for passing the drug test, then the synthetic urine is the second best. Diuretics and pills might cause discoloration of your sample and it will be rejected. So it is better to stick to the safest possible solution. As people say that you can never have a chance for a second first impression, it is also the case that once you fail a drug test, you don’t get a second chance for another. Synthetic urine has proved to be the most suitable when you need to pass a drug test so you just have to make sure you have quality product and pour it in the sample cup insensibly and with the right temperature.
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