Thursday, January 19, 2017

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Synthetic Urine Is Under Attack In 2017

Starting from 1 January 2017, synthetic urine is prohibited by law in New Hampshire. The State Senate had voted for the bill 361 about synthetic urine ban almost one year ago, but only now it enters into the force. The sponsor of the bill, Republican Senator Jeanie Forrester, says that it will help in detection of illegal substances, because synthetic urine is very effective in masking them, what lets many drug abusers pass urine drug tests and hide their addiction.

According to the new law, not only those who sell, but even those who use fake urine in order to falsify the result of drug test, will be fined $500.

NH bans synthetic urine

Another state that may prohibit fake pee is Colorado. The Republican State Senator Jon Becker want to sponsor new bill that will ban the sale and possession of this substance.

Marijuana is legal for recreation use in Colorado since 2014. This caused significant growing of marijuana sales and even cannabis tourism in this state. But marijuana use is still prohibited on workplace and in some other cases like probation, parole etc. So, growing of cannabis sales led to increase of the number of people who want to hide its use and, as a result, the demand for synthetic urine. Since this liquid is still legal in Colorado, it quickly appeared in marijuana dispensaries, smoke shops, tobacco shops etc. Drug test is very easy to cheat with fake pee and this became real problem for employers and probation officers. This is why Senator Becker is trying to outlaw it.

The opponents of the bill say that it violates personal privacy, since urine tests are not accurate, when it comes to marijuana detection. The problem is that unlike blood test, that detects only active THC metabolites, which show actual intoxication, the urine test detects also inactive marijuana metabolites, which can stay in the system for few weeks. This means that urine tests cannot be used for detection of workplace drug use and workers have right to protect themselves against such inaccurate checks with the help of synthetic urine. Not to mention the fact that it has other uses except substitution of drug testing samples.

If the bill will be approved, Colorado will be the first state that legalized marijuana use and banned synthetic urine.
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Monday, September 12, 2016

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Synthetic Urine FAQ: Best Brand, Where To Buy, How To Use etc.

The growing popularity of synthetic urine raises numerous questions about this product among those who want to use it. This article is intended to answer the most frequently asked ones.

synthetic urine

What is synthetic urine?

Synthetic urine is the artificial liquid that imitates chemical and physical characteristics of human urine and mostly used for calibration of the laboratory equipment for various urine tests. It was accidentally invented by Friedrich Wöhler, a German chemist of the 19th century, who was trying to produce ammonium cyanate in a lab.

What is it made of?

The chemical composition of human urine varies and depends on different factors, like the health of a person, his or her physical condition, diet etc. That is why the synthetic urine does not have the standard formula and all manufacturers have their own original and patented substance compositions. In most cases 95% of the mixture is water. The remaining 5% are creatinine and urea, as the main organic components, and various inorganic substances like sulphates, chlorides, ammonia, phosphates etc. The pH index of the liquid must be from 5 to 10 and the specific gravity between 1.003 and 1.035.

What forms of synthetic urine are available on sale? 

The most common commercial products on the market are made either in liquid or in powdered form. Most of the liquid synthetic urine products nowadays are ready to use without any additional actions. The powdered ones are intended to be mixed with water before use and may contain heat activator, a special substance that produces heat in contact with water thus helping to achieve the required temperature of the liquid.  In rare cases you can find concentrated synthetic urine in form of paste or gel that must be diluted with water also.

What is it used for? 

The main function of synthetic urine is calibration of urine testing equipment, however, as you know, it is also widely used to falsify the results of urine drug tests.

Moreover, there are many other applications of this product:

  1. Scientific and educational use - fake pee is used by medical students for training and scientists for new urine testing methods development;
  2. Cosmetology and alternative medicine - for example, for the urine therapy (yet, it is not recommended for internal use);
  3. Industry – for nappies testing;
  4. Marketing - for the demonstration of the pet urine stain cleaners effects;
  5. Adult games and pranks - since this is more hygienic material than real urine.

Does it work for drug test?

Yes, it does. The best way to pass a drug test is to replace your sample with synthetic urine. Millions of people do this every year in order to protect their privacy. If you will follow all guidelines and not act suspicious, you will pass the test for sure.

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Is synthetic urine detectable?

No. Usually labs don’t conduct adulteration tests on samples they receive. They do this only if they suspect something, for example in case the temperature of the specimen is higher or below normal. So, if you have followed all instructions properly, lab staff will not test your urine to check if it’s real. But even if they will, most of the products which are now available on the market have very realistic chemical composition and appearance, so cannot be detected by usual adulteration tests.

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How much you need?

According to the United States Department of Health & Human Services, it is enough to provide 2 oz of urine for drug test and laboratories must accept this sample volume in case donor cannot give more. So, usually 2 oz bottle of synthetic urine is enough. But in some cases you may need bigger bottle to protect yourself either from accidental spills or from attracting unnecessary attention to yourself when disputing with sample collector who asks for more urine. So 3 oz bottles are also available.

What is the required temperature of the sample?

The normal human urine temperature ranges between 94°F and 96°F (approximately 35°C). The drug testing sample temperature is measured during the first four minutes after it is obtained, since it changes very quickly depending on the environment temperature. According to the drug test regulations, urine sample must have temperature between 90°F and 100°F (it is 32°C - 38°C). Any specimen outside this range will be considered suspicious.

How to heat synthetic urine and keep it warm?

The synthetic urine can be heated either by using microwave, in case you want to do this quickly, or by hand warmers and even your own body warmth if you have few hours before the drug test. Every bottle of the synthetic urine has a temperature strip, which shows the current temperature of liquid inside.

If you have heated your sample at home several hours before going to testing facility, you have to keep it warm during all this time. For this purpose all quality synthetic urine products are supplied with heat packs, that can keep stable temperature during 7-8 hours.

Another way is to use your own body warmth. You can use elastic band to attach the container with synthetic urine to some warm part of your body or simply put it under your clothes. Armpits, inner thighs and underwear are best places; ladies can use their bras. The main advantage of this method is that you are ready for testing anytime, however wearing the bottle or other vessel with liquid all day long under the clothing can be uncomfortable.

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How to use it to pass drug test?

In order to pass a drug test with synthetic urine you need to secretly pour it in the collection cup instead of your pee. If you will follow all instructions and won’t raise any suspicions, lab staff will not check your urine for adulteration. You should just follow few simple steps.

First, make sure that your fake urine has required temperature, since this is the first thing that sample collectors check. As has already been said, the acceptable temperature from 90°F to 100°F can be achieved by using heating pad, microwave or own body warmth.

The next step is to pour your synthetic urine into the drug test cup. Although it sounds quite easy, but most of testing facilities nowadays have supervisors who watch you during the procedure, so you have to prepare. The simplest option is to buy a synthetic urine belt. It is intended to hide under the clothing and has attached plastic bag and a tube with switch that releases the liquid. If you are supervised too closely, you can use Whizzinator, the appliance similar to the aforementioned belt, but supplied with the prosthetic device which looks like a male organ and has pressure release valve inside. It is not cheap, but guarantees success in difficult situations.

After you have filled the collection cup with fake pee, immediately give it to the collector until the temperature has dropped below the required level.

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Can you get fired for using synthetic urine?

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, which regulates all medical tests in the United States, drug testing is not considered medical examination, therefore employers are allowed to conduct it on their employees. Moreover, those who work on safety-sensitive jobs (for example pilots, drivers and mechanics) must be tested obligatorily and regularly. Employment rights lawyers claim that employers have right to fire any at-will employee not only for failed drug test, but for usage or just possession of fake urine also. All states excluding Montana use at-will employment, which means that employee can be fired by his employer for any reason, in case his contract does not require specific reasons for dismissal.

Is it legal?

Today only a few US states have statuses or laws regarding the synthetic urine. However, lawyers say that even in states without such regulations, if synthetic urine is used for passing a drug test during a parole or probation, it is a violation of terms, which leads to revocation. If your state laws do not forbid synthetic urine, you can use it for any tests initiated by the private company, including pre-employment, workplace tests etc. You can be fired in case get caught, however there won’t be any criminal responsibility for that.

In which states synthetic urine is prohibited?

The sale of synthetic urine was banned in 11 states. They are: Illinois, Arkansas, Nebraska, Maryland, New Jersey, Oklahoma, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Texas. New Hampshire, Ohio, Wisconsin are going to prohibit it in near future.

What brand is the best?

There are a lot of quality synthetic urine brands available on the market. They are UPass, Synthetix5, Ultra Pure, Magnum, TestClear, Sub-Solution, Monkey Dong, Golden Shower etc. The best and most popular synthetic urine now is Quick Fix. It has a lot of positive customer reviews, so we can definitely recommend it for use in your drug test.

Where to buy synthetic urine?

Fake urine can be found in local stores, but it is much better to buy it online. This way is convenient, confidential and gives you the ability to choose the best price for a top quality product, that will protect your privacy with 100% satisfaction guarantee. I recommend, since they have the best products on the market and great customer service.

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How to store it?

Synthetic urine can be stored for years. The shelf life for majority of commercial products is 2-3 years and they don’t need cooling, freezing or any other special storage conditions. Moreover you can reheat fake pee an unlimited number of times, what means that if you didn’t use it after heating for any reason, you can return it to the storage and successfully use later whenever you want.
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Saturday, July 9, 2016

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Why Synthetic Urine Is Still Undetectable?

As we know, synthetic urine works with drug test and every year becomes more and more popular nationwide way to pass it.

The product is very easy to get and very hard to detect. Anyone can buy synthetic urine online and order delivery right to their door, but every day drug screening laboratories and testing facilities are fighting with its use.

According to the clinic manager of Workforce Occupational Health (WOH), Dustin Rhody, the main problem in this fight is that they are actually fighting with the so-called street chemists, who invent such things as synthetic urine and even alter some kinds of drugs to make them undetectable and to be one step ahead of drug testing labs. He also adds that the molecular structure of fake urine is absolutely identical to the real human urine and thus it is very difficult to detect and sometimes even impossible. Rhody compared this situation to the chess game where one player is trying to “beat the system” while the another one tries to catch the cheater.

detection of synthetic urine

Drug users also always try to find ways to cheat the system, claims Medical Review Officer at the WOH, Dr. Cameron Murphy. He also admits that there is a serious loophole in the testing process, because in most cases the collectors are not able to visually control people when they deliver their urine samples. They can only listen, trying to detect the unusual behavior.

As for the lab staff, the only thing they can do is to check if the sample has the proper temperature, says Angela Langrehr, the WOH specialist. If there is at least one bar above or below the standard, the sample is considered suspicious and sent for further, more detailed testing.

Read: how to keep synthetic urine warm for drug test.

Selling and using synthetic urine is legal in most states, but if it’s get detected during a drug screening, the test will automatically be failed. This usually causes problems with the employer and in most cases a person does not get a new job or loses the current one, but the strictness of drug policy totally depends on the employer. Pre-employment drug screening is very easy to prepare for, but random tests are much more difficult: a person has only 20-30 minutes to get to the special testing facility and therefore it will be almost impossible to prepare someone else’s pee or synthetic urine sample.

However, as Dr. Murphy admits, this fight will go on, because the harder lab chemists try to find ways to detect fake urine, the harder “street chemists” try to change their products to make them more and more realistic.

Nowadays, there are only seven states in the US that have laws or statutes specifically concerning the synthetic urine. But according to lawyers, even in states that do not have such legislation, if it is used for passing drug test during a probation or parole, this will mean the violation and therefore revocation.
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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

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9 Uses Of Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine is an artificially manufactured mixture of water with other organic and inorganic components (uric acid, creatinine, urea, phosphates, chlorides, sulfates, etc) intended mostly for laboratory applications, although its area of usage is much wider. While accurately simulating all the chemical properties and physical characteristics of human urine, it has some substantial advantages like the absence of any kind of waste, so can be utilized in the areas where real urine can’t be used because of hygiene and infectious diseases threat. In addition to this, synthetic urine has very long shelf life what makes it easy to transport and store. All of the above made it very popular for use in the following areas:

1. Urine testing equipment calibration

The main purpose of the synthetic urine is to help calibrate different urine testing equipment. Human urine does not fit for this because its composition varies greatly due to many different factors thus artificial substance with constant formula is indispensable for any laboratory that conducts urinalysis.

2. Science

Fake pee is also widely used for various scientific purposes starting from development of new urine tests for different diseases to preparing for Mars mission.

synthetic urine in science

3. Education

Moreover, medical students are trained to conduct urinalysis tests and clinical experiments on synthetic urine.

4. Alternative medicine and cosmetology

Although it is not recommended for internal use, but for those who are disgusted to use real piss for urine therapy in alternative medicine or for different cosmetic purposes, synthetic urine is an acceptable substitute, since it has identical chemical composition.

5. Passing a drug test

It's not a secret that synthetic urine works for drug test, so this is one of the most popular areas of application of this product. The original urine sample can be substituted with the synthetic pee that does not contain any evidences of drug use thus providing a 100% guarantee of a negative result. It’s almost impossible to detect fraud, no matter how trained the lab staff is, because the latest formulas of such commonly used products like Quick Fix perfectly imitate real human urine and do not differ from it in the appearance and composition. Despite the fact that drug testing laboratories allocate large sums of money to fight this, their efforts are not successful, because according to the statistics, use of fake pee for passing a drug test increases every year.

6. Diapers testing

This product also finds application in the industry, for example manufacturers of diapers use it for testing their products.

7. Cleaning agents testing

Synthetic urine is very popular among marketers and salesmen to demonstrate the effectiveness of cleaning agents for carpets and furniture, like urine stain and odor removers.

synthetic urine for carpets

8. Pranks

It is also perfect for those who love to play different pranks like wetting friend’s bed or clothes because using fake urine makes the joke far less offensive and causes less problems.

9. Adult games

Because of the health and hygiene reasons, synthetic urine is widely used for various sexual games as a safe way to enjoy.


Apart from the synthetic human urine, there is also another product used in different ways – synthetic animal urine.

The most commonly used is the fake pee of different predators (like coyotes, foxes, bobcats, wolves, etc.), that is used as a repellent for the animals that can damage gardens and houses, such as rats, rabbits, squirrels or deer. Also, such products are very popular among hunters, wildlife researchers and photographers, since they can not only deter but also attract some kinds of animals as well as mask human scent. For example, the smell of the doe’s urine attracts deer, while human scent can be masked by the urine of red fox or coon.

synthetic urine of fox
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Thursday, May 5, 2016


Whizzinator: What Is It, Does It Work and How To Use

The Whizzinator is a commercial name of the product that simulates appearance and functions of a male urinary organ. It can be used for various purposes like sexual games or pranks, but mainly it is utilized to help someone substitute urine sample in supervised drug test. This is why it usually comes as a kit along with synthetic urine, syringe and heater packs required to keep fake pee at body temperature.

There are also other similar products on the market, for example The Urinator and The Pissinator, but they are not so famous and widespread, because of less usable design and not so quality penis look imitation.

The Whizzinator became widely known in May 2005 when the former NFL player Onterrio Smith was caught with it at the airport and fell under suspicion of cheating drug test. The subsequent investigation revealed that this device was common means to falsify drug test results among many people including few celebrities, so that even the Congress of the United States held hearings on it later in 2005.

Whizzinator Touch

The latest model is called Whizzinator Touch, because unlike the previous version of the product it requires touch to operate - you have to squeeze the head of the fake penis to release the urine flow (there is a special pressure release valve inside that opens when you squeeze it). The first model was operated just by flipping the simple switch, what looked not so natural. The switch still exists, but now it is located on the base and works like safety toggle to prevent accidental spills, while the main trigger is located inside the “head”, what guarantees perfect imitation of urination. You just have to squeeze the top of the prosthetic device and let the synthetic urine flow from the attached vinyl pouch (just don’t forget to turn the safety switch off by flipping it up and out).

Whizzinator Touch is available in 5 color options that simulate different skin tones to make it look natural on any man. You can choose between black, brown, latino, tan and white colors.

The Whizzinator Touch kit includes everything required to imitate urination process as naturally as possible. Let’s take a look at what you get inside:

  • Whizzinator - the device consisting of prosthetic penis and attached vinyl pouch with temperature strip, which is supposed to strap on like a jock strap
  • The vial of dehydrated synthetic urine
  • Syringe that is used to fill the vinyl pouch with synthetic urine
  • Four heating pads intended to be attached to the pouch in order to heat the liquid to a human body temperature and keep it during few hours
  • Instruction manual

Original Whizzinator

Although the original Whizzinator is out of production now, it still can be successfully used if you have one. Its only difference from the Whizzinator Touch is the absence of pressure release valve inside the head, what makes it not so usable and natural looking. This may cause some problems in case you are supervised very closely.

Does it work for drug test?

I strongly advise you not to break any laws and never use Whizzinator for illegal purposes, like cheating lawfully administered drug tests etc. Nevertheless, a lot of people use it to substitute their samples in various urine tests, and since they do it regularly, we must admit that it is really effective way to pass the drug test. If someone has non-supervised test, there is actually no need in such troublesome preparation, but in case of supervised test the Whizzinator will definitely be very helpful device. It's not difficult to use it unnoticeably and the only thing that may cause problem is if you use bad synthetic urine.

Read how to buy good synthetic urine.

In 2015 some news websites posted a story of the man on probation from Chicago, who was caught trying to use Whizzinator to cheat his mandatory drug test. According to the official report, when urinating for the test he was repeatedly looking over his shoulder, what aroused suspicion of a supervisor. This was a mistake: the only reason of his fail was a suspicious behavior, not the Whizzinator itself - those who act naturally never get caught.

How to use

Using Whizzinator Touch is very easy. Here is brief instruction.

  1. Close the safety switch on the base
  2. Fill the syringe with synthetic urine
  3. Inject the synthetic urine into the vinyl pouch through the attached tube
  4. Take the heat pack and attach it to the vinyl pouch
  5. Wait about one hour to heat the fake pee to the normal human urine temperature. Leave the heat pack attached - this will keep the required temperature during at least 8 hours
  6. Strap the Whizzinator on yourself
  7. Before the supposed urination open the safety switch
  8. Press the head of the prosthetic penis when you need urine flow

For more detailed guidance please read carefully the instruction manual included.

Female Whizzinator

As of today, there is no such thing like female Whizzinator. The manufacturer claims that it is possible to create a prosthetic vagina, but there is no guarantee that it will function properly.

Nevertheless, they offer a unisex Whizz Kit, which is a great alternative to the Whizzinator for women. This refillable device that can be used by both men and women costs just half the price of Whizzinator Touch, what makes it very popular among those who cannot afford or just don’t need the realistic prosthetic penis. This is definitely the best choice for those who look for female Whizzinator.

The Whizz Kit includes adjustable Velcro strap to fit any waist or thigh and a tube that can be easily cut to any length starting from 2 inches and up to 2 feet. You have to set it once as you need to wear it comfortably and hide from other people, and as soon as you do this you just have to loosen the silent clips to let the synthetic urine flow. It works so quiet that can be used in any circumstances and nobody will hear it.

Unisex Whizz Kit includes:

  • Elastic waistband with Velcro strap that can be used for up to 54-inch waist
  • Detachable and refillable vinyl pouch with tube and synthetic urine inside
  • A syringe to refill the vinyl pouch
  • Two heating pads
  • Instruction manual

Please note that the Whizz Kit as well as the Whizzinator also not intended for any illegal use like falsifying the results of lawful drug tests and the like. You should follow your state and federal laws when using these products.

You can buy these products here: Whizzinator Touch, Whizz Kit
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Friday, February 26, 2016


Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is a laboratory-made substance that is similar to natural human urine in its composition and properties and is used to calibrate urine testing equipment. Quick Fix is a high-quality product produced by Spectrum Labs located in Cincinnati, Ohio, a leader in the market since 1992.

All Quick Fix urine is thoroughly tested before it leaves the lab, what guarantees that you will get the top quality product. It is easy to use, especially in last minute situations, because unlike powdered or dehydrated urine products the Quick Fix is pre-mixed.

Chemical formula and properties

Quick Fix urine was designed to simulate the physical and chemical properties of the real human urine and contains all its basic ingredients. The current formula 6.1 is described in US patent no 7,192,776.

Quick Fix 6.1 has the following characteristics:

  • Contains uric acid
  • Has balanced pH and creatinine levels
  • Normal specific gravity
  • Free of any toxins
  • Natural look and other properties of real urine

This is a revolutionary product that does not require any mixing or other preparations. It preserves body temperature for no less than 6 hours after heating if placed into the pocket with heat warmer and can be used for any age and sex, male or female. It has 2 years shelf life, does not require freezing or refrigerating and can be reheated without any consequences an unlimited number of times. Quick Fix urine from different bottles of the same batch can be mixed for further use.

Regular Quick Fix (2oz)

The regular kit of Quick Fix synthetic urine includes:

  • 2 ounces of synthetic urine packed in a small size bottle, which is easy to carry. This amount is enough to send as a sample for any drug test.
  • Heating pad to help you maintain proper temperature of the urine for nearly 6-7 hours after it has been microwaved.
  • Rubber band to attach the bottle to the heating pad.
  • The temperature strip on the bottle to ensure the product has the required temperature which is crucial for a successful drug test.
Quick Fix Synthetic Urine 2oz bottle

Quick Fix Plus (3oz)

The Quick Fix Plus kit contains a bottle with 3 ounces of synthetic urine.

According to the recent DHHS regulations, 2 ounces of urine is enough for sample and must be accepted by the collector in case the donor cannot provide more. However, in some cases, you can be asked to provide the additional amount. If you don’t want to argue and raise suspicion you can give them up to 3 ounces.

Also such amount is needed in case of accidental spill or if you use Whizzinator, a device that imitates male penis.

Like a regular kit, Quick Fix Plus also has temperature strip on the bottle, heating pad and rubber band.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine 3oz bottle

How to use it

Before you leave the house you need to open your bottle of Quick Fix urine and microwave it for 10 seconds. In case you can’t do it, just attach the heating pad to the bottle with a rubber belt for at least an hour before the test.

Next step is to close the bottle and shake it. After that, check the temperature on the strip and make sure it is between 94°F and 100°F. If it is below, heat the bottle in the microwave for a few more seconds; if above, just leave the bottle on the table and let it cool a little.

If the strip doesn’t show accurate temperature, probably the bottle is overheated. It doesn’t affect the testing so there’s no need to panic - let the bottle cool for a while until you see a green line on the strip. It can take several minutes and after that you can repeat heating of the bottle until you get what you need.

To maintain the correct temperature of the urine, attach the heating pad to the bottle and place it to your pocket. This will keep the required temperature of your Quick Fix urine during more than 6 hours.

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Before pouring the synthetic urine into the sample collection cup, make sure its temperature is about 94°-100°F and shake it once again.

Previous formulas

The number of current Quick Fix formula is 6.1, but previous formula 5.7-1 is still considered good and can be used. Any product having formula below 5.7-1 can be returned to the manufacturer and exchanged for the latest version for free. Product formula information can be found on the bottom of the box under the contents list.

Quick Fix formula number

Canadian version

Canadian labs started testing for uric acid in order to detect the sample adulteration before labs in the United States, so Quick Fix 5.7-1 was a special Canadian version of 5.7 formula. It included uric acid, which was not used in the standard Quick Fix 5.7 for the United States. The Canadian version of the kit contained small vial with uric acid in the form of small pellets similar to salt granules. These pellets were intended to be mixed with synthetic urine from the bottle before use. After mixing, the blend had to be used during seven days before it spoiled.

The Canadian Quick Fix urine is not actual now, because uric acid is premixed already in the new 6.1 formula, which is currently used and valid for all countries.


Quick Fix synthetic urine is so good that it was even faked - few years ago counterfeit products were found on the market. They were sold cheaper than the genuine items and had hand warmers from the “Heat Factory”, while Spectrum Labs supplies kits with its own heat packs.

heat pack from Spectrum Labs

After you have unboxed product, check the batch number: if it’s F1-08, F7H-08, F11L07 or F8K08, your product is probably a counterfeit; the batches P5M-13, Q5M-13 are 100% fake.

You can find batch number in the instruction sheet inside the box.

Quick Fix batch number

In case you have purchased a counterfeit product, you should claim money back from the seller and inform Spectrum Labs about this issue.

Please note that fake Quick Fix urine can be detected by a lab and make you fail drug test.

However, for the last years, there hasn’t been discovered any fake Quick Fix Synthetic Urine on the market.

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Sunday, February 7, 2016

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Wisconsin Senator Wants To Criminalize The Synthetic Urine

Bad news for all Wisconsin users of synthetic urine came last week - this substance will be criminalized, if the newly introduced bill will be approved.

The Republican member of State Senate Robert Cowles has proposed the bill that will criminalize not only manufacturing and distribution, but also the possession and advertising of any device or substance that can interfere, circumvent or defraud the results of lawfully administered drug tests. The text specifically highlights the masking agents and substances intended to substitute bodily fluids, so those who buy synthetic urine will be punished.

Robert Cowles proposes to ban synthetic urine

Use of synthetic urine is not a crime in Wisconsin now. Under the current law, those who use it to cheat workplace drug test can only be fired at worst and do not bear any criminal responsibility. New bill implies $500 fine or 30 days in jail (or even both) for the intent to use the synthetic urine for cheating a drug test. The manufacturers and distributors of masking agents are subjected to a fine of $1,000 or 90 days in jail (or both). The bill also prohibits publication of any advertisement of synthetic urine in magazines, newspapers, handbills and websites. The violators will incur the same punishment as users - $500 fine or/and 30 days imprisonment.

Similar laws were already adopted in 14 other states and the Wisconsin lawmakers hope to adopt their own one this year. They expect to send it to Assembly floor after reviewing by Health Committee in February.

According to authors this bill is aimed at fighting the drug abuse problem, and was caused by the increased consumption of heroin and other opiates in Wisconsin as well as by the fact that synthetic urine works for drug test. Except fake urine bill, lawmakers have introduced another three bills that regulate opioid treatment program, prescription drug monitoring program and allow issuing guidelines for prescribing controlled substances.

The critics of the bill say that prohibition of synthetic urine may not only affect heroin addicts, but also will violate the rights of medical marijuana users, who can lose their jobs in case of failed drug test. Since most Wisconsinites support the use of marijuana for medical purposes (what is not allowed in their state now), the legislators should first allow and regulate its usage to eliminate the need for drug test adulteration of those who require it.

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

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Synthetic Urine Used In Preparing For Mars Mission

As we know, unique properties of synthetic urine make it useful in a lot of fields of activity. For example, researchers widely use synthetic urine in their developments and a few days ago the news came of yet another such case.

The NASA partner German research center DLR studies the possibility of growing plants in the space with help of urine as a supply of the nutrients. And the substance used in these experiments is synthetic urine, since it is more convenient in terms of hygiene, ease of use and storage etc.

Reaching Mars and exploring it as a prospective habitable planet is something that the leading space agencies of the world are working upon, however much needs to be done yet. The main problem here is resupply, inasmuch as the population in Mars will depend on water, oxygen and food. But sending supply missions is not the best option, because they are expensive and take years. That is why NASA, which is already planning to send people to Mars in 2030s, is exploring the possibility of making this mission self-sufficient.

Growing food right on Mars is the most obvious solution in this situation and NASA in cooperation with DLS is preparing to test this possibility very soon. Next year these agencies plan to launch two greenhouse stations in space to understand better the impact of extraterrestrial gravity on plant growth. The mission will take one year and will consist of two parts. During the first 6-month period the satellite with greenhouses will simulate the gravity of earth’s moon, and in the second part it will accelerate its rotation to copy the gravity of Mars.

What Is Urine For?

To grow food, nutrients are prerequisite, and the urine of future Mars inhabitants can be used to get them. The researchers will send synthetic urine to space greenhouses to try growing plants with help of nutrients from it. Bacteria will be used to help break down the components of urine: ammonia into nitrites and further to nitrates, which are known as the perfect fertilisers for plants. A single celled alga Euglena Gracilis will be used to prevent the formation of harmful ammonia build-up.

The supply of these nutrients will be further regulated with the help of a microchip, which contains capillary electrophoresis (CE) system. This system is intelligent enough to gauge the need of plants in nutrients based on their growth stage and to fertilize them accordingly.

If the aforementioned research and development will succeed, Mars inhabitants will be able to grow plants and supply themselves with natural food using their own urine.

growing plants on Mars
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Thursday, July 30, 2015


How To Keep Urine Warm For Drug Test

As much as 95% of employers favor urinalysis as a method for drug testing, and this one piece of statistic may have positively affected the trend and demand for synthetic urine over the years, however proper usage of product is mandatory requirement for success.

Why you need to keep it warm?

Since initial drug screen do not typically include special test for a sample’s validity, testing staff just checks urine temperature to make sure it’s not substituted. Real human urine is warmed by the body, and it logically follows that a fresh sample should also be warm, otherwise it must have come from somewhere other than your body. That is why fake piss must be kept warm if you don’t want your sample to be rejected even before actual drug test.

How warm a sample should be?

The normal temperature of human urine ranges from 94°F to 96°F (about 35 °C). The temperature of drug test sample must be measured during first 4 minutes after it was received, as it changes depending on ambient temperature. Acceptable range is from 90°F to 100°F (32°C - 38°C), any sample with a temperature out of this range will immediately fall under suspicion.

Container cups for the samples also usually have a built-in thermometer that registers the temperature of the piss as soon as it enters the container. So while you can easily buy synthetic urine is easy enough to acquire, hiding and using it to successfully pass a drug test can prove to be more difficult.

Microwaving synthetic urine

Microwaving fake piss is by far the easiest way to bring it to the desired temperature. All you need to do is place the container with liquid into a microwave and heat it for about 10 seconds. You can use a temperature strip to check if the sample is usable. Leaving the urine in for a longer period will give it an unusually high temperature and this is where it gets tricky. You can wait for the sample to cool down a little, but know that synthetic urine can be destroyed by too much heat.

Using hand warmers

Hand warmers are small, readily available and provide an easy way to heat synthetic urine. Just place the liquid in a small container or a sealed bag, wrap the hand warmer around it and secure using a tape or an elastic band. Take note that different hand warmers work in different ways. Some get warm as quickly as they get cold in a span of a few short hours. Warmers that maintain steady heat in the 90°F to 100°F range are perfect for the job, though you might also want to pick one that will keep the heat for as long as you need it.

Own body heat

warming synthetic urine with own body heat

Using your own body warmth is another popular method to keep synthetic urine warm. Place the sample in a sealed plastic bag and keep required temperature by placing it near a warm body part. The body part you choose is always a matter of preference. Most men tend to use their crotch area – their inner thighs or inside their underwear. Some women prefer to use their armpits or inside their bras.

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Friday, June 12, 2015

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Texas Is Going To Ban Synthetic Urine

Drug addiction is a serious social problem that needs immediate attention. It can lead to health problems, accidents and crimes. Despite having laws against the use of drugs such as marijuana, cocaine etc., cases of drug addiction still continue to shoot up. Accessibility to the drugs as well as the use of methods to pass a drug test like synthetic urine are some of the factors that contribute to the increase in rate. Texas journalists conducted an investigation regarding the sale of synthetic urine.

Synthetic urine is a popular substance used to pass urine drug test and in Texas it was found to be legally sold and bought. One of the store clerks claimed that synthetic urine works, since he was able to benefit from the product, having negative drug test results every time he used it. Although some consumers like him have claimed that synthetic urine always give negative drug test results, some may not be as satisfied as they are. For instance, a woman who confessed of using drugs for a long time already was convicted of several crimes in February 2015 after failing the drug screening test using synthetic urine. She used low quality product, which was detected by adulteration check. Investigators tried to reach by phone the manufacturer of that product, but the spokesman only gave them an excuse and immediately hung up without explanation.

Texas TV channel investigated sale and use of synthetic urine

Every package usually includes a small bottle (usually 2-4 oz) with the yellow liquid and attached thermometer strip, as well as  a rubber band and a heat pack to keep synthetic urine warm. The product was brought to one of the San Antonio laboratories for examination where it successfully passed the standard test. However, the result was not conclusive since the owner of the lab said they have special test to check whether the urine is fake or not in case of suspicion. To prove this, he administered an adulterant test to the sample and the synthetic urine failed. But this adulterant test is usually carried out only in case of the lab recommendation to the employer when they have any suspicions with the sample given. Laboratories constantly innovate and develop drug testing technology to further enhance its sensitivity, however synthetic urine manufacturers are also improving their formulas to deceive labs and benefit customers.

Because of the growing controversy regarding the legality of synthetic urine, Texas State Representative Trey Martinez Fischer amended the House Bill 1212, including fake urine in the list of illegal synthetic substances. Martinez stated that it has to be illegal to distribute and manufacture synthetic urine with the intention of passing drug screening tests. Drug Court Magistrate Ernie Glenn supports the ban, however doubts it will have significant effect saying that drugs like marijuana, heroin, meth and others are already illegal, but people still using them despite prohibition.
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